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This training program deals with team management in highly operational situations, for example on board ship's engine rooms and in control rooms of power plants.

It is a fact that the way human beings interact, communicate and make decisions in such situations is quite similar.

Lack of competence is actually a minor reason for accidents.

This is also true for shipping. Seven major maritime organizations and SAS Flight Academy joined to convert an airline pilot training program to this program for ship officers, maritime pilots and engineers.

A questionnaire was sent out to seven hundred mariners, and over three hundred replies were received. Their input helped in the design of this course.

So, where are we heading? What kind of behavior are we looking for as a result of this course? Well, research shows that successful teams exposed to critical situations perform as follows:

  • They have good situation awareness - which are they anticipating each next condition.
  • They obtain relevant information early.
  • They build a shared mental model of the situation.
  • They use cautious, safe strategies and keep options open as long as possible.
  • Their decisions are realistic and sensitive to constraints.
  • They share workload.
  • They monitor progress by cross-checking each other.

Such performance is one of the main objectives of Bridge Team Management training.

We also believe that the principles of how you manage a highly operational situation with a team of skilled individuals are the same for personnel categories such as:

  • Maritime pilots
  • Navigating officers, and
  • Engineers

And for all vessel types, for example:

  • Tankers
  • High speed vessels
  • Large passenger ferries
  • Container ships
  • Navy vessels

During the course, you will be reviewing several cases of accidents and incidents at sea, proving the points we have highlighted in this course.

Entry Requirement

This training course program is open to shipboard personnel of merchant ship of any type under operational or management level of the deck department.

2 Days (12 Hours)

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