Mission and Vision


Corporate Vision



To be the leading and most valued partner of the maritime industry for human resource development and assessment recognized globally in imparting the high standards of learning, evaluation and competence that will result to the delivery of excellent performance of all the working personnel in the maritime industry towards the attainment of business success and improvement of the quality of life and preservation of the environment.



Corporate Mission


To be the most competitive and dynamic training and assessment institution for maritime professionals and organizations, to this we commit ourselves to:


  • Design and develop our services in accordance to the highest standards of the industry for human resource development and its evaluation of competence;
  • Employ and engage professionals with the high level of technical proficiency and personal values, display at all times;
  • Provide our customers (trainees/assessees) with our system for processing with ease and convenience;
  • Always rate ourselves as leading examples of competence and commitment to the seafaring industry endeavours while possessing the good character of professionalism.
  • Increase our business potentials by engaging the customers in a pro-active resource strategy in addressing the arising needs of the industry.


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